Time slips away when I am painting. And sometimes when I’m not! I have been busy these last few months, so I havent been blogging or posting. I thought things would slow down in April, then May, now its the end of June and I am looking at a very full summer ahead. I don’t buy into the “I’m important because I’m busy” attitude that I sometimes feel is present in our western society. I would like nothing better than to live a simpler life and I’m always trying to reach that goal. I try to take one day at a time, to “do less”, like my yogi friend advises.

Nevertheless, I am teaching a lot lately; private classes, groups, and summer camps in both Medicine Hat and Redcliff. I have also been working on some comissioned projects and writing an article every month about visual art for Spotlight magazine.

One of my recent projects are small paintings to be used for a friends’ gospel album. These paintings are 5 inches square, the size of a CD case. Working in a small scale is appealing to me. But I love working large too. I seem to enjoy the extremes. I just finished a painting for Alberta Health Services, it measured close to 4 x 8 feet.

Later this summer and fall I will begin a new series’ of my own work. A freelance life can be chaotic but it is never boring! And the simplification project continues…Stay tuned.

untitled, 5x5 inches

untitled, 5×5 inches


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